Tuesday 27 February 2018

Virtual Director (STABLE)

Changes since: Virtual Director

NEW - Change default shared recording location to blank
NEW - Fire triggers upon connection of GPIO source
NEW - Add logging action filter to all Api calls

FIX - Switcher logs Base64 string value of uploaded image instead of file name
FIX - Mic / Active Inactive events not being handled in switcher. Events added to GPIO and UDP
FIX - Ember+ Trigger fixes
FIX - Adding more than one GPIO device (source) fails
FIX - Audio Connections show as offline until a mic is configured.
FIX - Cancel button On Ember+ Trigger edit does not work.
FIX - Video Recording Length values in web manager help labels are labelled "Milliseconds" rather than "Seconds"
FIX - Ember+ Reconnection and Restart Fixes
FIX - Only schedule next backup upon successful completion of current backup.
FIX - On Air reset doesn't work immediately after a show change
FIX - Renaming license causes check to fail
FIX - Fix Realtime Update of Recording page in web manager.
FIX - Fix OASIS api uri to remove items from publish queue. Add clear up routine to publish queue watchdog.
FIX - Fix default off air social media templates
FIX - Ingest fails if you use ingest mp4 rather than TS
FIX - Fix typo in speechmatics api route
FIX - Fix - PIP Squeeze as a gpio event
FIX - Camera image and label update from client not updating.
FIX - Edit / Upload branding asset does not work
FIX - XAML editor preview shows preview images from copied XAML branding.
FIX - Branding Xaml previews in web manager not updating properly