Tuesday 22 May 2018

PhoneBOX 4 Client (BETA)

Changes since: PhoneBOX 4 Client

NEW - Add option to exclude warning / banned callers from Answer Next
NEW - Enable receiving protoBuf-serialized messages
NEW - Allow history to be displayed for person or number

FIX - Two devices can be active in 'General / 3 column - call details' view
FIX - Cursor jumping to start of field when entering details
FIX - Force Device configuration doesn't get forced as expected
FIX - Stop Skype devices appearing in answer control popup
FIX - Certain dial situations resulting in payload 0 erroneously (G711u)
FIX - Internal note message types not returned in message search results
FIX - Issues with manual record - Softphone + ASv2
FIX - Call switching when making outbound calls sometimes makes a black call details header
FIX - 'Display point' updates are replicated to the wrong field on other clients
FIX - Message search results counter not update
FIX - Social only view doesn't allow Virtual Director show selection
FIX - Message log search - tag filter not applied to results
FIX - Call log search results unreliable when 'latest only' applied to call log
FIX - Cursor jumping to start of field when entering details
FIX - Build for Opus fixes in Sdp and As libraries
FIX - Skype avatars missing
FIX - Issue with multiple Skype services in a single line layout
FIX - Virtual Director Media Stills appear blank when connected to Virtual Director Server.
FIX - Virtual Director (Aardvark) doesn't automatically reconnect.
FIX - Virtual Director Video Stills are not displaying when connected to VD2