Tuesday 22 May 2018

PhoneBOX (General) (BETA)

Changes since: PhoneBOX (General)

NEW - Winner alerts change
NEW - Implement "sticky point"
NEW - Add additional logging for call add and removal
FIX - Ensure all channels are set to "no device" on startup to clear last device settings on STXC channels after crash / restart during handset call
FIX - v3 client stops displaying other routes on devices after a route change
FIX - If SkypeTx Codec cannot login to begin with (at startup) you cannot log into another account
FIX - Skype account tokens refreshed automatically not being updated in the database
FIX - Skype TX codec - inaccessible ringing call
FIX - Skype TX codec - calls cannot be answered in some instances
FIX - Skype TX avatars not being loaded from automation
FIX - Search on number 2 not working
FIX - Occasional call stuck on Skype TX device
FIX - LogLevels.config not being deployed with installer
FIX - Server crash with MORE line activity
FIX - Call log search for names with apostrophe fails
FIX - Ringing handset problem with late provider SDP.
FIX - Defaulting to XML serialisation for browser REST HTTP requests
FIX - Incorrect number of channels parameter in Opus sdp
FIX - Error in web manager when adding skype service
FIX - Cannot create skype service in web manager
FIX - Build to incorporate latest common components with SDP fixes
FIX - Web manager skype REST calls are not using internal call headers
FIX - Server is not sending keepalives to AS2 clients
FIX - Audio Server disposal problems on disconnection
FIX - Log entry changes
FIX - Prevent  audio server 2 connections updating the config db on every connection
FIX - Don't send or respond to AS2 keep-alives unless initialise has completed
FIX - Remove NV9000 blank routes from reverse route check