Thursday 14 June 2018

PhoneBOX 4 Client (BETA)

Changes since: PhoneBOX 4 Client

FIX - Dragging an empty line to device can change the active device selection without updating the indication
FIX - Docked Devices - Call log item goes black
FIX - Prevent dialling on occupied device
FIX - Skype icon appears on popped call log for active codec call
FIX - Memory leak with added unpopped call log items with call log in view
FIX - Calling a skype call from the call log passes the wrong value
FIX - Smart queue messages not displayed in client
FIX - Log entry shows DeviceModelSkype for telco devices
FIX - Unpopped codec call log entries not showing correct icon
FIX - Call details not switching on new call under certain customer conditions
FIX - Tag not recalled from previous calls in the lookup window
FIX - Missing BBCommon network in PB client project