Thursday 21 June 2018

Virtual Director (BETA)

Changes since: Virtual Director

NEW - eMail alerts for critical conditions in virtual director.
NEW - Refactor Recording process to follow the same pattern as VMIX recordings will require.
NEW - Switcher / Studio / Show relationship Configuration remodel.
NEW - Clear up local and remote split video files. Video recording process refactor
NEW - Add the concept of global assets
NEW - If whilst recording, the available disk space crosses the error threshold. Stop recording and send message to client.
NEW - Retrieve show - station mappings from PhoneBOX
NEW - Implement internal rest API authorisation
NEW - Add Lynx Yellobrik support to streamer service
NEW - Add failsafe mode to switcher service
NEW - Add option when creating GPIO event to also add its partner
NEW - Failsafe mode for switcher
NEW - Add Split Recording as a GPIO event
NEW - Add off-air xaml templates for use when not displaying social media
NEW - Add ability to edit GPIO events
NEW - Use web manager camera name as default camera label
NEW - Switcher should default to wide shot if connectivity with server is lost
NEW - Delete 1 minute files on server and streamer when transfer is complete.
NEW - Set proxy to default to port 80
NEW - Populate default polling interval when adding audio source
NEW - Set default port when adding audio source depending on selected protocol
NEW - Add ability to edit studio config name
NEW - Add purging option to shared recording folder

FIX - Web Manager address is not configured correctly by default on start up
FIX - Changes to GPIO IP address isn't picked up until next restart
FIX - Ensure that copying branding creates new identical assets rather than referencing the original
FIX - Fix Base64 string transfer of Video Stills
FIX - Continue & Split recording not working.
FIX - License summary page incorrectly shows network adapter
FIX - Studios page not listing studios correctly
FIX - Audio source response time and state don't get displayed until a  page refresh
FIX - Audio source has no password field
FIX - Branding XAML is incorrectly saved when the preview tab is selected
FIX - Default interval for audio source should not be 0
FIX - Ensure that non existent folders are created
FIX - Labels for video length settings incorrectly state milliseconds