Friday 27 July 2018

Virtual Director

Changes since : (Beta)

New - Control BlackMagic preview bus independantly of program output via triggers.
New - Control On/Off air transition behaviour via triggers.
New - Control BlackMagic program and preview sources via triggers.
New - Studio Configuration screen redesigned.
New - Add Users in web manager.
New - Delete video in web manager.

Fix - Change of show from PB4 not working.

Fix - Reported disk space available error.
Fix - Oasis publish queue export fails.
Fix - New video available  message not being sent to PB4 clients.
Fix - Reduce size of thumbnails served via API call.(Prevents PB4 memory issues and VLC not playing)
Fix - Switcher not being notified of studio configuration changes.
Fix - Video ending in multiples of 10 seconds does not create last thumbnail. (Prevents errors in PB4 client if video is 10 seconds long)
Fix - Daily usage summary email always reports zero recordings.
Fix - Items posted to publish queues not appearing on screen.
Fix - Live streaming not working.
Fix - OnAir publish queue items not cleared from OASIS once displayed on screen.
Fix - Ensure Path Settings only checking default value.

Fix - State and Mic Levels not showing in web manager.
Fix - Blackmagic reconnection error.
Fix - Media not uploaded to BlackMagic switcher following a reconnect.

Fix - Memory Leak following a recording.
Fix - Recording path location should not be case sensitive.
Fix - Streamer not creating recording folder if it doesnt exist.
Fix - Should not use server disk space values when checking whether to record.
Fix - File Transfer fixes.

[Web Manager]
Fix - Branding page does not refresh after cloning a brand.
Fix - Refactor video playback from web manager. (inc additional logging in web manager).
Fix - Automatic creation of inverse events in triggers. eg OnAir / OffAir
Fix - When editing a Mic Active GPIO the UI does not show the selected mic.
Fix - Correct spelling of "Yellobrik"
Fix - Keep Station / Show list in view during drag/drop operation.
Fix - Edit Show.
Fix - Squeeze parameters not shown when editing squeeze trigger.