Tuesday 20 November 2018

Virtual Director (STABLE / BETA)

Changes since: Virtual Director

NEW - Add automatic updating of database schema.
NEW - Import tool for importing playout artwork when updating from Aardvark.
NEW - Video still images now split into daily folders.
NEW - Enable Stills Folder to be configured.
NEW - Set Program Input now available as a GPIO event.

FIX - QOR responses that include newline character are now handled correctly.
FIX - Playout track lookup now case insensitive.
FIX - Camera switching is now synchronous and responses are waited for.
FIX - XAML preview in Web Manager no longer forces redrawing of Preview Images multiple times for each display context.
FIX - Rest API VideoStill endpoint needs to support index or stillindex in query string. Inconsistency crept in between Phonebox Dolphin and Eagle.
FIX - Reported panasonic PTZ preset now matches camera web setup.
FIX - Improved handling of audio node connection issues.
FIX - Refreshing of PhoneBOX shows list now possible.
FIX - Mic enable GPIs now set as disabled on startup.
FIX - GPIO connection now restarted if watchdog finds zero GPIOs detected.
FIX - Artwork upload fixed.