Thursday 3 January 2019

PhoneBOX 4 Client (BETA)

Changes since: PhoneBOX 4 Client

NEW - add message reply to search results

FIX - Enable call button for custom message types
FIX - Docked Devices - Ability to call via the Directory
FIX - Docked views - Calls search is stretched vertically covering more of the screen than expected.
FIX - Docked views *Long press/Right Click* does not allow for VOIP/Client Handset to be selected
FIX - Docked views with the ability to call on the client handset CTD with an active call when switching view
FIX - Docked views with a popable call log - header goes black when call button is pressed when a TBU is selected.
FIX - Presenter Devices - Dragging a call from the VOIP/Client handset to the OAQ results in an item without caller name or description.
FIX - Next and previous buttons in on air viewer ignores call items
FIX - Double call details appearing on docked devices top view
FIX - Problem closing client when minimized
FIX - OAQ message viewer zoom buttons overlapped with profile pic
FIX - OAQ: Phone call item, preview (Viewer) appears too small
FIX - Call counter not correctly incrementing in certain circumstances
FIX - Dynamic chat show setting prevents any chat being sent
FIX - Floating call log window - black call log header for outbound active calls
FIX - Call Screener - Point tab - Point textbox - Jumping cursor
FIX - filtered message list by tag does not update if tag changes