Thursday 21 March 2019

PhoneBOX (General) (STABLE)

Changes since: PhoneBOX (General)

NEW - Add video support to SkypeTX in codec mode
NEW - Disable audio processing on Skype TX calls
NEW - Correct copyright year on server exe assembly information

FIX - Improve performance of previous call lookup
FIX - Service based strip number prefix direction ignored
FIX - Skype codec shows video option on slideout even when no video configured
FIX - Anywhere handset support
FIX - Webhook drop call only triggered by remote end, and add new fields to responses
FIX - Arabic names are not searchable in Call Log Search
FIX - Disable skype audio processing for codec devices
FIX - Dual reinvite sent to handset device on start of early media
FIX - Do not fail a sip device call with early media if UPDATE response is 491 - Request Pending
FIX - Improvement to LUCI codec SIP operation for version 5.0.29
FIX - Problem with Proxy Authorization on PRACK messages