Wednesday 8 May 2019

Virtual Director (STABLE/EAGLE)

Changes since: Virtual Director

NEW - Add GPOs to indicate current status
NEW - Revert to older decklink api reference.
NEW - Change DecklinkAPI.dll to version 11.1
NEW - Write transcription files into related recording folder.
NEW - Consume Blackmagic stream on demand when recording rather than constantly

FIX - Sorting of mics is incorrect
FIX - Recordings from vMix showing incorrect duration
FIX - Fix Server / Streamer Remote file delete.
FIX - Recording Timeout time not passed to client in UTC Format
FIX - Flush Incoming Queue between recordings when streamer idle
FIX - Increase timeout for media upload in Blackmagic firmware 7.2
FIX - Parsing ffprobe output for duration can fail
FIX - Check for empty path in Track artwork.