Monday 8 July 2019

Virtual Director (STABLE/EAGLE)

Changes since:

NEW - Add Bind to Network Card setting to force various listeners to bind to the same ip address as the licensed  network card rather than the setting in the ini file.
NEW - Write signalr.uri and webmanager address global setting values into db on startup to ensure correct ip address if changed.
NEW - Add Subtitle with archiving feature to Eagle.
NEW - Move Blackmagic streaming log entries to top of method.
NEW - Add email notification when switcher / streamer is back online

FIX - Publish Queue Purge using wrong publish queue id
FIX - Clients not notified when switcher input is changed by third party
FIX - Stop streamer blocking other recordings when unable to transfer file.
FIX - Post Process Duration Probe needs to use current culture to parse double
FIX - Ensure installer includes latest and relevant versions of NewTek NDI .Net libraries
FIX - Connection to PBServer fails when switcher is in demo mode.
FIX - Demo Mode Streamer does not show as connected
FIX - Streamer service not stopping
FIX - Installer not reliably updating web manager files
FIX - Recording TimeStamps are not converted to local time on downloads page.
FIX - Downloads not showing if one downloads has error
FIX - Select Program Input, Switch to Camera and Hold On and Switch to Camera and hold off do not present camera select drop down
FIX - Filename extension incorrect for video encoded using added preset
FIX - AXIA GPIO Nodes only read first 9 elements
FIX - Fix Ingest Bug
FIX - NP pool memory growth caused by bug in NewTek NDI SDK
FIX - YelloBrik Server Connected bug
FIX - Migration from Bear puts streamers into Demo mode
FIX - Streamer reconnect error when streaming source is removed from H264 encoder.
FIX - Wheatstone Audio re-connection fix
FIX - Change to explicit Start/Stop recording commands when recording triggered by GPIO
FIX - WebManager server api format error (strip "http://")
FIX - Display bytes per seconds as kilo bits per second in web manager
FIX - Fix web manager validation of GPIO Triggers
FIX - Fix network card license issue when converting from Bear to Eagle.
FIX - Add alternative BMDStreaming.exe location and fix null reference exception on disconnection
FIX - Bit rate not appearing in web manager
FIX - Delayed Camera Switch Fix
FIX - Default artwork image should display when no song is playing.
FIX - Show Carousel index not adjusted if carousel item is deleted.
FIX - Encoded files for download not appearing in Downloads tab
FIX - Delayed switch doesn't work after same camera retains focus
FIX - Filename extension incorrect for video encoded using added preset
FIX - Web manager DLL versioned with
FIX - Fix import of Videos in Dolphin to Eagle conversion
FIX - Wheatstone - Use Average Levels instead of Peak Levels