Wednesday 14 August 2019

Virtual Director (STABLE/EAGLE)

Changes since:

NEW - Make NDI Discovery OnDemand
NEW - Increase Request Lock timeout in ATEM Switcher image upload to 30 seconds and release lock request if fail.
NEW - Support 2160p graphic upload.
NEW - Make recording transfer retry parameters configurable.

FIX - Recording less than 10 seconds are not deleted from streamer.
FIX - Custom assets not rendering in graphic process queue
FIX - vMix web preview no longer working
FIX - Remove video data queue from video stream and pass straight to streamer and recording queues. Add MPEGTS packet logging.
FIX - Refactor inefficient XAML Preview generation.
FIX - Clearer log around attempts to connect back to phone box server.
FIX - Archive Failure prevents recording from showing as complete.
FIX - Split recording feature not working