Thursday 10 October 2019


Changes since:

NEW - Implement Audit mechanism to record operations from the client
NEW - Instagram Smart Queue support
NEW - Enhancements to EWS email functions
NEW - SQL part of installer needs to be able to use TLS 1.2

FIX - Unable to request permissions for Facebook Login
FIX - Use shorter YouTube video URLs when posting on Twitter
FIX - Facebook profile images are not loading and filling log with errors
FIX - Prevent Twitter accounts with no token being used for Analytics workers
FIX - Add appsecret_proof to Facebook requests to ensure security
FIX - Duplicate comment save on Facebook message processor
FIX - Prevent MessageAnalyser from attempting to download images from blank profile urls
FIX - Playout listener tcp networkstream issue
FIX - Prevent debug builds interfering with Facebook APP ID/Tokens
FIX - Message and Identity loading / caching improvements
FIX - Playout listener reconnection leak
FIX - Implement server side connection validation mechanism to avoid stuck client connections
FIX - Eagle branch youtube DLL version mismatch
FIX - Improve image retrieval of Facebook profile images
FIX - Tweets not displayed in message list if there is punctuation following the @mention
FIX - Ensure webclients for image download are correctly disposed
FIX - Purging flag not correctly set during purge process allowing other functions to continue
FIX - Facebook wall read log entries incorrectly reporting as errors
FIX - Instagram followers count not periodically updated
FIX - Account groups showing duplicated selected accounts in Admin
FIX - Trailing slash on Artist Social Media URL causing smart lookup to fail
FIX - Suppress error when Quick Queue result has empty message text