Tuesday 25 February 2020

Virtual Director (STABLE/FOX)

Changes since:

NEW - Switcher/Streamer ini files now generated from setup.ini files to avoid overwrite during update.
NEW - "Stopping" recordings are now moved to error state after a period of time
NEW - Recordings list now cached to speed up search results in web manager and add ability to filter
NEW - French and German now available as transcription languages
NEW - SignalR heartbeat now visible in web manager - also allows access to the setting
NEW - Improvements to user roles

FIX - Director users are now allowed to switch show
FIX - MPEGtransportstream log entry reworded to avoid containing word error
FIX - Heavy CPU usage in vMix Streamer.
FIX - Editing an asset does not change its appearance in XAML previews
FIX - Handle identically named branding assets
FIX - Show stations and Shows in alphabetical order
FIX - Sort branding alphabetically
FIX - Unable to modify UDP triggers - the cancel button in the UDP create/edit modal does not work
FIX - Make recording cache happen in a paged method 20 at a time starting with the most recent first.
FIX - Clear Recording error alert when count falls below trigger not when reaches zero.
FIX - UnMapped Camera to File causes download of multi-track edl to fail.
FIX - Record of MultiTrack files not making it to server.
FIX - Switcher not updating client with current streamer recording state.
FIX - Streamer / Switcher IP address change results in new server entry
FIX - MultiTrack Recording Fixes
FIX - Multiple FFMPEGNDI instances in VMix still capture.
FIX - Panasonic Cameras with PTZ of 1 (Offset to 0) are not being switched.
FIX - Duplicate recordings shown in web manager when multi-track is enabled.
FIX - Multiple offair.jpg vMix inputs being created
FIX - Correct capitalisation of vMix
FIX - NDILib.x64.DLL missing causing stills not to load
FIX - Only report completed recordings in summary email
FIX - Base XAML missing
FIX - Streamer & switcher ini files missing names
FIX - Switching of Panasonic PTZ not always happening on camera change
FIX - Cached Video Results are returned in wrong order,
FIX - Fix generic camera thumbnail assignment.
FIX - Server API doesn't start if license is unlicensed.
FIX - Blackmagic streamer connection message not sent
FIX - Adding station / show needs a refresh to immediately show up
FIX - vMix Fix Off/On air transition Graphic Display
FIX - vMix Broken Connection Issue
FIX - vMix Connection indication broken.
FIX - Media Settings Page does not load.
FIX - Ember+ Trigger  CRUD broken.
FIX - Fix to licensing when downloading new license.
FIX - License bug when Streamer & Switcher are running and connect in whilst Server is starting.
FIX - Media user has same rights as Director user
FIX - User list should update when a new user is added
FIX - Video List Stills are truncated if transcription not enabled.
FIX - Playback of videos doesn't stop when window is closed using the X button
FIX - Level Metering Page does not filter by source id
FIX - Fix broken video stream event
FIX - Default artwork is not displayed when Playout Now is empty.