Wednesday 6 May 2020

Audio Server (STABLE/FOX)

Changes since:

NEW - Make the maximum call recording limit configurable
NEW - Sign binaries and installer
NEW - Reduce Anywhere signalling for call moves within an audio server
NEW - Add logging to troubleshoot delays and analyse calls better

FIX - Revert buffer overrun code from previous build
FIX - Long delays experienced on some telco calls on anywhere-enabled
FIX - Tighten RTP sending / encoding timings
FIX - Recording duration values passed in recording available message could be incorrect due to UTC time issue
FIX - Call recording completion not clearing affected calls list
FIX - Prevent webrtc call ending when in disconnected state
FIX - Fix to pick up latest websocket session code fixes
FIX - Fix MoveCall for MOH WDM device
FIX - Half-speed audio on Anywhere calls
FIX - Anywhere audio not send in completed state
FIX - Sporadic MoH multicast error
FIX - Disk write delays when closing off recordings can cause latency on subsequent calls
FIX - Improve logging in device object for anywhere / telco
FIX - Memory growth of audio server during Anywhere calls
FIX - Multicast MoH receive error after udp client dispose