Friday 3 July 2020

PhoneBOX 4 Client (STABLE/FOX)

Changes since:

NEW - Allow removal of Skype contacts
NEW - Receive device level meter updates by UDP rather than TCP
NEW - Automatically answer ringing codec when dragged to destination
NEW - Sign client files and installer
NEW - Allow logged in user to be displayed in codec idle text by using {0} placeholder in the text

FIX - Client dial pad appears on wrong screen in with dual screens
FIX - Deleting a message in chat scrolls all chat clients up to the very top
FIX - Some live streaming providers appearing the video sharing list instead of the live streaming list
FIX - Print button lost from OAQ toobar
FIX - Allow use of environment variables in paths for call recording folder
FIX - Change to OASIS connection routine to cancel startup wait if the connection is dropped during the wait time.
FIX - Scroll behaviour is inconsistent between call points and SM messages
FIX - OAQ existing message item profile and attachment images not loaded on startup
FIX - Change to the connection logic of backup OASIS servers so that it will attempt reconnect to primary server first.
FIX - Active directory restrictions preventing client from starting if a particular domain controller is unreachable
FIX - Clicking in a scrollable point in reading causes client crash
FIX - OAQ not populating on view change with OASIS connection down
FIX - Block Popup is truncated so buttons are not accessible for messages with long text
FIX - pop-out chat -- not scrolled to the most recent message by default
FIX - SMS accounts not shown while filtering in message list
FIX - Clicking in a scrollable point in reading causes client crash
FIX - Search button in Skype Contact list not always in the correct place after adding new contact
FIX - Caller details duplicated on Skype Device
FIX - Client connections not closed when user cancels out of startup sequence
FIX - Incorrect OS version reported in the client log file
FIX - Source list slide out menu has no movement tolerance while clicking on some of the slideout buttons
FIX - Softphone registration interval not appropriate for reliable re-registration
FIX - Call recording start times shown in call log as UTC
FIX - Switching between telephony devices could result in Skype Dial pad not displaying
FIX - Unable to call from call log if Skype caller isn't in the contact list
FIX - Ensure window size values read from the ini file are valid to prevent crash
FIX - Initial message from Social Server connection missed as queue not running
FIX - Create gap between Social Server disconnects and reconnect to improve re-connection stability
FIX - Anywhere invites from the client that don't contain an email should display a different screen
FIX - Problems with source list jumping scroll position
FIX - Touch scrolling list actions mouse-up click action as well as drag scrolling