Wednesday 14 October 2020

Audio Server (STABLE/FOX)

Changes since:

NEW - Add support for REST API file (recording) transfer
NEW - Add REST API compatibility check to legacy TCP file (recording) transfer.
NEW - Bind rest API to all network interfaces

FIX - Installer missing DLLs to support REST
FIX - No MoH audio
FIX - CTD from log writer being accessed before initialised when timer resolution override is used
FIX - High CPU usage when device recording enabled
FIX - Fixes to ensure stereo and mono channel combinations are processed properly
FIX - Some soundcards cannot accept mono channel streams
FIX - Fix inaccurate capture of recording length
FIX - Truncated recordings due to file streamwriter backlog
FIX - Allow option to override clock/timer resolution in windows
FIX - Split From Stereo WDM inputs not  isolating the correct channel