Thursday 13 May 2021

PhoneBOX 4 Client (BETA/FROG)

Changes since:

NEW - Changes to support Anywhere invitations over SMS

NEW - New view: Self Op - No Messages

NEW - Remove device space from Three Column views where no devices are configured

NEW - Allow Docked Newsroom view to run undocked by setting the dockable bar mode for that machine to disabled

NEW - Implement over destination selection indication

NEW - Don't add old PhoneBOX shortcut back if it's been deleted

NEW - Include source information on destination when not in control of backfeed

NEW - Change routing view with lines to hide destinations if no destinations are configured, allowing it to be used as alternate codec view

NEW - Allow dynamic columns of lines in Routing Lines view

NEW - Change STX automation reference to be latest

NEW - Add confirmation of seizing backfeed to destination slideout

FIX - Allow call screener views to edit call details even if the handset device is unavailable

FIX - Call screener view On Air button not working for inactive calls

FIX - Client wont start after rollback to previous versions

FIX - Impose length limits for data entry fields in Directory entries

FIX - Caller name on destination should follow number or name convention

FIX - Impose 50 character name limit in client data entry forms

FIX - Condense white space beneath chat messages and prevent message selection

FIX - Prevent softphone re-invite from restarting audio if the call ends at the same time

FIX - Call quality indicator on codec displayed in device views in all wrong.. broken in recent update

FIX - Unable to dial / edit a newly added codec contact in directory

FIX - Codec view based behaviours not updated after changing view

FIX - Unpredictable visibility of cleanfeed slideout on systems with large numbers of codecs

FIX - Client crashes relating to service initialisation

FIX - Missing content type on softphone reinvite acceptance causes trunk negotiation issue