Thursday 13 May 2021


Changes since:

NEW - NDI implementation

NEW - Add support for video in Standalone Mode

NEW - Rework of Media DLL to support NDI and linked audio video streams

NEW - Allow default Audio IO for use in standalone operation without Bionic Studio

NEW - Allow selection of video output format in skype TX config

NEW - Sign installer and binaries

NEW - Integrate channel version 2019.46.01.3

NEW - Include the PID of each STXC instance in the minutely logging

NEW - bbcommon rebuild

NEW - Integrate Channel version 2020.22.01.14

NEW - Expose Channel Port value as public property in SkypeChannelBionics

NEW - Add Manufacturer and Model registry settings on Channel Start

FIX - SkypeTX installer missing shortcut and set permissions for channel folder

FIX - SkypeTx no longer makes a shortcut when installed and set modify permissions on channel folder

FIX - SkypeMedia DLL crash if no video inputs or outputs file exists

FIX - Improve dealing with situations where channels end up in strange states such Unclaimed

FIX - Integrate STX automation 2.21.309.1 into server to prevent JToken memory leak

FIX - Installer issues regarding runtime components

FIX - STXC can fail to start after machine restart (service only)

FIX - Timestamps issue with WDM audio after device switch cause loss of audio for a period of time

FIX - Error logged when switching device if Blackmagic not using its own audio

FIX - Installer bringing in wrong version of STXC / Channel

FIX - Newtonsoft binding redirect needs updating for v12 in gecko

FIX - STXC processes not returning PIDs to service launcher

FIX - Installer issues not installing config file or service

FIX - Additional settings when used in Standalone mode

FIX - Change to Media DLL to support standalone use of Video

FIX - Crash releasing samples during queue reduction process

FIX - Return video not working due to Blackmagic card sending format change event when no format had changed