Tuesday 3 August 2021

Virtual Director (STABLE/FOX)

Changes since:

FIX - Force downgrade of LiteDB component in web manager

FIX - Add wait autoreset event into cache insert to ensure it is available when next update arrives.

FIX - Recording Process queue can purge recordings that have just completed.

FIX - Ensure webmanager in db when upgraded

FIX - FFMPEG still preview process not always shut down cleanly when vMix disconnects

FIX - Memory Leak in vMix Reconnection Loop

FIX - Switcher and Clients are not notified of that a recording is complete.

FIX - Null Reference in switcher manager can prevent recording purge from completing succesfully on start up.

FIX - Reset LiteDb connection at midnight during backup

FIX - .log files are not removed when rolling backups are deleted.

FIX - Remove ExpandoObject from FFProbe deserialisation. 

FIX - Server should signal to streamer when its ok to delete streamer copy of recording.