Wednesday 29 September 2021

Virtual Director (STABLE/FOX)

 Changes since:

NEW - Recovery mode settings on streamer

NEW - Add restart options if ATEM streamer reports 0kbs

FIX - Multitrack fixes and enhancements

FIX - Recording transfer and process fixes

FIX - Login is initialised with non existent role 0

FIX - Incomplete recording alerts include recordings marked for deletion

FIX - RecordingContinue is only valid when state is StopRequested or Stopping

FIX - Change switch event sync to server pull

FIX - Optimisation of recording feedback to client

FIX - Recording purge frequency set at 100,000 rather than 10,000ms

FIX - Add streamer recording purge to separate method on a timer

FIX - Device mode not changed if device removed, causing no reconnect