Thursday 16 December 2021

Caller One

Changes since:

NEW - License deactivation now possible within the application (limited use, for permanent machine swaps only)

FIX - Location text can clash with status icon

FIX - Chat time displayed in GMT instead of local time

FIX - Click area for Anywhere invite is now the entire line

FIX - Chat time now consistent with call times

FIX - Various SIP handling enhancements

FIX - Certificate tool UI does not now allow a blank password field

FIX - Config UI issue making first time installs impossible without manual json file editing

FIX - Missing 'contributor' translations now included

FIX - Deleted .json config file now recreated

FIX - GPIO ring lamp xNode IP address config field label incorrect

FIX - Reloading page can give an invalid Anywhere invite popup

FIX - Call record purge setting default now 365 days