Tuesday 19 April 2022

Camera One

Changes since:

NEW - Camera One now requires .NET 6. The installer includes any dependencies

NEW - It is now possible to connect to the ATEM Mini (Pro, Pro ISO, Extreme, Extreme ISO models only) over Ethernet, thus avoiding the need for a short USB connection. A suitable USB disc (ask our support team for more details) will also need to be connected to the ATEM

NEW - Support for ISO record (Pro ISO, Extreme ISO models only). When connected over Ethernet, Camera One can now trigger, download and manage ISO recordings

NEW - Adobe Premier compatibility improvement. Recorded file format no longer uses variable frame rate

NEW - Licensing now supports a proxy server

NEW - Continuous capture is now enabled by default. This is a workaround for a known Blackmagic issue where the ATEM Mini can hang

NEW - Improved identification of the ATEM Mini's audio input on non English speaking system

NEW - The NSSM service manager is no longer used. Camera One now runs as a standard Windows service

NEW - Added GPI trigger type to start and stop the live stream

NEW - Added json setting to force Camera One to stream internally rather than use the ATEM. This can help alleviate a known Blackmagic issue where the ATEM can hang when live streaming.

FIX - Fix reconnect for Axia GPIO devices and introduce small delay between connection and 1st Command

FIX - Camera trigger level always shown as -25 on startup

FIX - Level and Input config fixes when levels arrive late.

FIX - Network card unavailable on start was causing license check failures

FIX - Null reference exception in StereoSplit when Level is removed

FIX - Enhancements to RTSP server to improve streaming stability

FIX - Various recording stability improvements

FIX - License check fails if local license is valid but machine is offline

FIX - WDM audio efficiency improvements

FIX - User unable to configure remote streaming