Wednesday 4 May 2022

Virtual Director (STABLE/FOX)

 Changes since:

FIX - Multiple efficiency gains to database algorithms to improve performance

FIX - Demo no longer the switcher mode default

FIX - Add Wildcard search for valid timestamps in streamer director file search

FIX - DateTime parsing fix in filenames

FIX - Incomplete recordings should not include multitrack recordings as they are not post processed

FIX - Check that recording does not exist in database if recording from streamer is not found in cache

FIX - Fixed time format now used for recording filename to avoid issues with local time formats

FIX - Multi track recordins now have full path added into EDL

FIX - RecordingEvents were downloading from streamer too frequently

FIX - LiteDB Predicate logging can cause recursive loop

FIX - Delete from Webmanager does not insert into purge queue

FIX - Erroneous entry in streamer log on Blackmagic systems

FIX - Streamer and switcher registration cache issue

FIX - Web manager now prevents deletion of a recording whilst recording is in process

FIX - Reason for video deletion is now logged

FIX - Reconnect on idle no longer starting a secondary data dequeue thread

FIX - Efficiency improvements for purging of database images on server start

FIX - Encoding tasks are now purged once complete

FIX - Order of Precedence is now correctly saved for UDP triggers

FIX - Fix path matching for no longer available nodes in Ember+

FIX - Potential ambiguity between recordings starting at the same time in different studios allocated to the same show

FIX - Improvements to Ember+ reconnection

FIX - vMix On/Off Air graphic transition issue