Wednesday 19 June 2024

Bionic Studio [BETA]

Changes since

FEATURE - Add DeckLink support

FEATURE - Add webclient connection startup dialogs after login

FEATURE - Add option to copy Anywhere invite code to clipboard 

FEATURE - Add phonenumber 1 & 2 to webclient call details

FEATURE - Add DTMF dial pad

FEATURE - Proxied WebClient requests to use WebClient host as proxy, not Gateway

FEATURE - Create gateway websocket API endpoint and framework

FEATURE - Change "Client Layout" to "Profile" in desktop client

FEATURE - Show/Station webclient prompt logic changes

FEATURE - WebClient logging improvements

FEATURE - Add "too many failed attempts" protection for webclient login

FEATURE - Change the background colour of the webclient

FEATURE - CSS improvements to webclient

FEATURE - Support Ember GPIO

FEATURE - Remove OWIN from Studio.Media

BUG - License expiry date issue

BUG - Multiple client layouts being returned erroneously to webclient

BUG - Opus decoder crash in RTP Call

BUG - Client closure during gateway unavailability causes stuck process

BUG - Change webclient font to "Inter"

BUG - Crashing webclient when station is set to user select

BUG - CSS Crash after refreshing webclient and making an outbound call from the headset

BUG - Expired webclient token causing blazor circuit crash

BUG - Issues with orientation and thumbnails with decklink

BUG - Line layout prompt appearing with only one option

BUG - Reduce size of logo on webclient login screen

BUG - White line appearing on webclient atomised views

BUG - Remove unused buttons

BUG - Resolve internal exceptions when social isn't available

BUG - Studio IO not processing GPIO unless last to start

BUG - Touch clicks not working on some touch screens

BUG - Various webclient changes for login & startup

BUG - Webclient crash on certain clicks

BUG - WebClient keeps sending keep alives to Site.Agent after disconnection

BUG - Webclient not loading beyond blank screen when no prompts are configured

BUG - Webclient parked calls not droppable