Monday, 10 January 2022


 Changes since

NEW - Increase default font size and now configurable

NEW - Dialpad now has + and backspace buttons, can no longer type in letters

FIX - HX6 offset issue when preceding line is unavailable

FIX - Issues with multiple instances of XScreen2.exe running at same time

FIX - Blank config start up issues

FIX - Passwords with certain special characters now accepted

FIX - Auto focus calls details while cursor is in chat box

Thursday, 16 December 2021

Caller One

Changes since:

NEW - License deactivation now possible within the application (limited use, for permanent machine swaps only)

FIX - Location text can clash with status icon

FIX - Chat time displayed in GMT instead of local time

FIX - Click area for Anywhere invite is now the entire line

FIX - Chat time now consistent with call times

FIX - Various SIP handling enhancements

FIX - Certificate tool UI does not now allow a blank password field

FIX - Config UI issue making first time installs impossible without manual json file editing

FIX - Missing 'contributor' translations now included

FIX - Deleted .json config file now recreated

FIX - GPIO ring lamp xNode IP address config field label incorrect

FIX - Reloading page can give an invalid Anywhere invite popup

FIX - Call record purge setting default now 365 days

Wednesday, 17 November 2021

Caller One

NEW - Complete user interface refresh! Improved look, feel, responsiveness and discoverability to enhance the user experience.

NEW - Many improvements to site accessibility

NEW - Advanced search feature allows you to search your entire call history

NEW - Personal pronouns support as an alternative to gender

NEW - Dialpad now offers international dial + symbol and backspace

NEW - French and Spanish language support

NEW - Enhanced SIP provider parameters

NEW - Chat name now preserved between browser sessions

NEW - Enhancements to producer / talent workflows

NEW - Studio indicator for dual studio systems

FIX - Numerous bug fixes

Wednesday, 27 October 2021


Changes since:

No changes, just stable release version.

Prize Manager (STABLE/FROG)

Changes since:

NEW - performance improvements part 2

NEW - Performance improvements Part 1

NEW - French translation 

NEW - french translation pt 3 

NEW - performance improvements to winner list and home screen part2

NEW - focused drop down loose arrow

NEW - calendar schedule height

NEW - default max json data size to 10MB

NEW - draws keywords can be setup with invalid characters

NEW - change language on the fly

NEW - bring back the old email from local email client option on winners

FIX - Issue with cash accumulator contests not correctly assigning cash back to 'pot' if a winner is unassigned 

FIX - export issue when prize selected

FIX - Changes to SIP CANCEL handler for conditions where calls are cancelled during setup

FIX - Websocket client connection object not releasing pipe threads

FIX - cannot assign winner to existing caller when there is required custom data

FIX - prize draw report slowness

FIX - Draw reports returning results for any contest for any station when any contest selected

FIX - JSON Serialising not respecting config value in some circumstances 

FIX - Get prize list returning all prize details instead of just name and ID

FIX - cannot add draw entrys if two sources from same type

FIX - no named winners are unclickable

FIX - reference bbcommon fox < 

FIX - account management error for stations without groups

FIX - escape ' in prize names for assigning winner link

PhoneBOX 4 Client (STABLE/FROG)

Changes since:

NEW - Support data encrypted connections with the talkshow agent

NEW - Support data encrypted connections with the social agent

NEW - Allow configurable recording timeout for the VoIP softphone

NEW - Improve level metering

NEW - Internal changes to support multi image messages from the server

NEW - Enhance picture viewer to support animated gifs

NEW - Change the text colour on ringing lines to black

NEW - Allow F3 key to step through messages in the On Air Queue

NEW - Change to use BBCommon.Audio library

NEW - Move PTZ protocol specific control into switcher and out of client

NEW - Change PTZ commands to CtoS command

FIX - Prevent freezing when typing text into fields with automatic spell checking

FIX - Alter text of the post new status popup to improve understanding of what this function will do

FIX - Messages within OAQ deleted when drag and dropped within OAQ.

FIX - Unable to hangup held Skype call if client only has a softphone

FIX - Ensure recordings that reach their maximum length are available from the call log at the end of the call

FIX - Arabic chat text not correctly displayed

FIX - Change to SIP header processing to prevent errors resulting in stuck handset calls

FIX - Prevent ringing continuing after initial response has been sent

FIX - Ensure a SIP BYE message is sent after a CANCEL if it has crossed over with the remote end accepting the call, including before RINGING received

FIX - Prevent dial pad from appearing when using the ctrl shift F2 key combination

FIX - Issues with adding and viewing directory entries

FIX - Reduce boldness of destination caller name font

FIX - Softphone RTP ports not freed if call dropped before answer

FIX - Missing Dragging message to OAQ triggers deletion from OAQ

FIX - Profile images of messages in OAQ no longer visible on client start

FIX - Improve performance of OASIS connection to solve issues with downloads of large image attachments

PhoneBOX (General) (STABLE/FROG)

Changes since:

NEW - Allow configured divert number to be used for dial gpi

NEW - Secure client connection data transfer with TLS 

NEW - Change SDP library to separate processing of audio and video media segments

NEW - Allow ember gpio to use node wildcard at end of path

NEW - Update Locations.bin with Lithuanian Area Codes

NEW - Rebuild with PM2 build containing 'Winners' report filtering fix

NEW - Update Bionics Director Camera list when camera image added in web manager.

FIX - Handset devices using incorrect Skype Media Server IP address

FIX - Change safety code to hangup handset if provider call ends during setup, so that it uses the full Stop Audio process

FIX - Optimise memory usage of Person record cache

FIX - Unable to answer calls after terminating calls using the handset

FIX - Change to SIP header processing to prevent errors resulting in stuck handset calls

FIX - Prevent shortcodes from automatically being stripped from inbound calls - strip number prefix can be used for this purpose

FIX - Alter source label parameter name used in Axia Consoles router labels

FIX - Prevent ringing continuing after initial response has been sent

FIX - Ensure a SIP BYE message is sent after a CANCEL if it has crossed over with the remote end accepting the call, including before RINGING received

FIX - Call stuck on handset devices when remote hangup occurs during establish

FIX - Websocket client connection object not releasing pipe threads

FIX - Modify invite/reinvite moments to ensure video segments of SDP are maintained

FIX - In VX do not show all services as busy when Busy All is active

FIX - Problem with multiple notification handsets not all being able to answer calls

FIX - Anywhere lookup of contact from PB server fails if "Name Format" is set to "First name & Surname"

FIX - Fixes to purge routine to prevent person records linked to Anywhere Invitation from being removed before the Invitation expired, removal of expired Invitations in the database, and solve timeouts relating to call and person index maintenance timeouts

FIX - Improvements to stability of hansdet/vx devices where calls are cleared during answer

FIX - Changes to SIP CANCEL handler for conditions where calls are cancelled during setup

FIX - Optimise webhook config lookups to use a cache rather than query database for each call

FIX - Additional logging for errors relating to on air queue management of inactive phone calls

FIX - Softphones failing to register with wrong realm value

FIX - Issues with automatic rejection of banned callers


Changes since:

NEW - Ensure Identities are purged

NEW - Change Instagram and Facebook to API version 11.0

NEW - Changes to Twitter and Instagram feeds to support multiple images

NEW - Add warning text when MMS contains an unsupported attachment

NEW - Log twitter token and secret after account authorisation so this can be extracted and used for the list interactors account

FIX - Image attachments no longer working on Twitter

FIX - Change Facebook API to v12

FIX - Twitter follower count not updating since first message.

FIX - Rare issue where deletion of child message with no external id could delete other messages

FIX - Outbound issues with Bulletin Messages

FIX - Use twitter place coordinates for geo location field to increase location information

FIX - Not all messages loaded on start-up are available to clients

FIX - Oxygen8 push SMS is not correctly decoding messages with emojis

FIX - Websocket client connection object not releasing pipe threads

FIX - Tweets containing & and other HTML not displaying correctly

FIX - Facebook Live Stream description not displayed on some mobile apps

FIX - Large SMS Pop3 emails causing message processing to fail

FIX - Fixes relating to Bulletin SMS provider 

FIX - Binaryclient buffer size value too small

FIX - MMS over Pop3 improvements to trap unsupported message types and store multiple images

Audio Server (STABLE/FROG)

Changes since:

FIX - Websocket client connection object not releasing pipe threads

FIX - Ensure recordings that stop when they reach the maximum length are made available to clients

Monday, 18 October 2021

Virtual Director (STABLE/FOX)

Changes since:

NEW - Fixed time format now used for recording filenames. vMix customers must set their recording format to {0} - {1:yyyyMMddTHHmmss}

NEW - Database call optimisations

NEW - Show ware ingest queue now disabled by default

FIX - Full path now being added to multi track recording in EDL files

FIX - Deleting recordings from web manager not working

FIX - Erroneous entry in streamer log on Blackmagic systems

FIX - Streamer and Switcher registration cache bug

FIX - Failing Now Playing artwork update

FIX - Recording events downloaded from streamer too frequently

FIX - Add wildcard search for valid timestamps in streamer director file search

FIX - DateTime parsing fix in filenames

FIX - Recording from streamer not found in cache is now checked that it does not already exist in database.

FIX - Incomplete recordings should not include multitrack recordings as they are not post processed

Wednesday, 29 September 2021

Camera One

 Changes since:

NEW - Add ability to split WDM input levels into left only or right only

FIX - Audio / GPIO selection lists should include everything when set to All

FIX - Audio inputs randomly missing from list

FIX - Order available GPIO / audio inputs alphabetically

FIX - Optimise UI updates for level metering

Virtual Director (BETA/FOX)

Changes since:

NEW - Optimise database calls to Streamer & Switcher collections

FIX - AM/PM parsing error in DateTime Format for filenames 

FIX - Add "-rtbufsize 128M" to  vMix livestream parameters

Virtual Director (STABLE/FOX)

 Changes since:

NEW - Recovery mode settings on streamer

NEW - Add restart options if ATEM streamer reports 0kbs

FIX - Multitrack fixes and enhancements

FIX - Recording transfer and process fixes

FIX - Login is initialised with non existent role 0

FIX - Incomplete recording alerts include recordings marked for deletion

FIX - RecordingContinue is only valid when state is StopRequested or Stopping

FIX - Change switch event sync to server pull

FIX - Optimisation of recording feedback to client

FIX - Recording purge frequency set at 100,000 rather than 10,000ms

FIX - Add streamer recording purge to separate method on a timer

FIX - Device mode not changed if device removed, causing no reconnect

Tuesday, 31 August 2021

Camera One

Changes since:

FIX - Editing audio source of input leads to audio source being removed from config