Thursday, 11 February 2021

Virtual Director (STABLE/FOX)

Changes since:

NEW - Sort Studios by Name in Studio Overview page

NEW - Sort Services by Name

NEW - Order Shows Available to Studio by Show name

NEW - Show Recording details across all tabs

NEW - Try to reconnect to Lawo desk immediately upon disconnect. 

NEW - Make switcher graphic request interval ini setting.

NEW - Prevent selection of recording until post process is complete.

NEW - Allow Edit of Ember+ Triggers

FIX - Level meter and dbfs labels not Updating on studio config page.

FIX - Lawo connection with no host name causes error

FIX - Recording Cache build on start commented out in error.

FIX - Device Layout Issues when serialising to DB

FIX - Graphic Process Queue error on new install

FIX - Phonebox Online state not updated when server is first seen offline.

FIX - Reduce idle memory usage when large number of brandings are configured

FIX - Remove bizarre Hello World! log entry

FIX - Fix Alignment of Studio Home Page when large names are used

FIX - Multi Track Recordings stop processing when a studio is unconfigured

FIX - FFProbe duration fails if locale and ffprobe output dont match up

FIX - Bit rate isnt updated if data is no longer being fed from streamer.

FIX - Fix API Address in webmanager VideoRecording Thumbnail property

FIX - Take thumbnail out of video recording cache to preserve memory.

FIX - Multitrack recording identification needs to include show ID

FIX - Add logging and retry mechanism for livestream state.

FIX - Speed up outbound graphic creation using cache.

FIX - Race Condition between Update of recording and Encoding process starting leads to occasional failure to encode to MP4

FIX - Protect against missing artist record in track.

FIX - Output single audio track in adobe premier export

FIX - Fix to multitrack xmeml output to include unused track with clip set to duration of entire video but clip not enabled.

FIX - Single Track recordings should not be sending recording events

FIX - Race condition between RecordingStarted event and RecordingId appearing in the datbase for multitrack recordings

FIX - Camera to file mapping not shown correctly in web manager

FIX - Add all multi track tracks even if they are not used.

Tuesday, 9 February 2021


 Changes since

NEW - Presenter view (Full feature)

NEW - Scheduler (click clock) screen revamped, can now add seconds.

NEW - Improved RDP support for remote control

NEW - Next line shown in Orange

NEW - Shift+Enter for multi line in chat

FIX - Unproxied vsets crash Hx6 and Iq

FIX - " crashing chat in Hx6 / Iq

FIX - Areacodes for iceland

FIX - .NET 4.7.1 installed as prerequisite by installer

FIX - Scheduler was one second out

FIX - Repeat schedules weren't repeating

FIX - Don't auto switch to ringing line if viewing old call record

FIX - User mode rememebered between sessions

FIX - Delay button now highlights when pressed

Friday, 5 February 2021

Prize Manager (FOX)

Changes since:

NEW - Winner report

Wednesday, 20 January 2021

Camera One

 Bug fixes & improvements.

Caller One

Bug fixes & improvements.

Wednesday, 14 October 2020

Prize Manager (STABLE/FOX)

Changes since:
NEW - More performance improvements 
NEW - Further French translations
NEW - Additional performance improvements to winner list and home screen

FIX - cannot assign winner to existing caller when there is required custom data
FIX - prize draw report slowness
FIX - Draw reports returning results for any contest for any station when any contest selected
FIX - JSON Serialising not respecting config value in some circumstances 
FIX - Get prize list returning all prize details instead of just name and ID
FIX - draws keywords can be setup with invalid characters
FIX - calendar schedule to use full height
FIX - default max json data size to 10MB
FIX - focused drop down loose arrow

Audio Server (STABLE/FOX)

Changes since:

NEW - Add support for REST API file (recording) transfer
NEW - Add REST API compatibility check to legacy TCP file (recording) transfer.
NEW - Bind rest API to all network interfaces

FIX - Installer missing DLLs to support REST
FIX - No MoH audio
FIX - CTD from log writer being accessed before initialised when timer resolution override is used
FIX - High CPU usage when device recording enabled
FIX - Fixes to ensure stereo and mono channel combinations are processed properly
FIX - Some soundcards cannot accept mono channel streams
FIX - Fix inaccurate capture of recording length
FIX - Truncated recordings due to file streamwriter backlog
FIX - Allow option to override clock/timer resolution in windows
FIX - Split From Stereo WDM inputs not  isolating the correct channel


Changes since:

NEW - Integrate new Skype Channel version 2020.22.01.12
NEW - Update Automation to 2.20.609.1

FIX - Consolidate code that runs at the end of calls and ensure Skype sounds are correctly triggered at appropriate times
FIX - Skype Contact changes to properties to provide direct access to the Avatar bytes and remove depreciated Notes and Designation items
FIX - Change Automation instance to be a single shared static for all instances of SkypeTxControl


Changes since:

NEW - Add generic HTTP SMS send type which supports GET and POST with JSON data
NEW - Add Bulletin SMS ingest type
NEW - Implement direct SMS sending from clients without reply
NEW - Set the Publish Queue default to be active for all shows
NEW - Implement incoming WhatsApp messages from CM Telecom

FIX - Tweets containing & and other HTML not displaying correctly
FIX - Trap error logged on Ingest Shutdown
FIX - Twitter main stream alternate account selection if rate limiting reached
FIX - Issues with regional dates causing some SMS providers not to ingest in some regions
FIX - Implement new Facebook permission types used when authenticating and obtaining tokens
FIX - Implement a more lenient error control system in the Facebook wall reader
FIX - Server not loading any messages from the database on startup in some timezones
FIX - Prevent Inactive publish queues from appearing in client selections
FIX - Update to new VizRt interface to allow for deleting used slots
FIX - Implement Fonedynamics SMS provider
FIX - Ensure all SmsReaders use the same log category

PhoneBOX 4 Client (STABLE/FOX)

Changes since:

NEW - Support for WhatsApp Messages
NEW - Add support for Audioserver REST API file transfer method with legacy TCP method check
NEW - Sending of SMS without replying to incoming message

FIX - Drag active call from OAQ to device should leave call in OAQ as it does when you press route
FIX - Revert on air queue button order so that the up / down buttons are at the top
FIX - Vertical toolbar buttons not correctly sizing to the available screen space
FIX - Using the OAQ buttons or selecting different items causes OAQ buttons to enlarge
FIX - Client softphone outputting audio on only one channel
FIX - Client will crash if Machine does not have a studio or device layout assigned.
FIX - call log search does not indicate recordings present for calls older than 6 hours
FIX - Call log entries not showing some call recordings
FIX - Build with latest audio engine fixes
FIX - Click through regression when using Skype dial pad, and clicking to dial a contact with an idle Skype line beneath
FIX - Active directory restrictions preventing client from starting if a particular domain controller is unreachable
FIX - Intermittent failures to add call log entries after clients have been editing the call when active
FIX - Issues with classic view dimming lines
FIX - Drag/drop and scrolling issues
FIX - Build with latest call recording fixes from audio library
FIX - Drag operations starting on the border of one control can result in an incorrect drag source object
FIX - CTD due to message log child item stack overflow
FIX - Initial load of messages can fail due to error
FIX - Adding optional codec in full routing view leaves swirling cursor
FIX - Fix inefficiencies in MessageLog loading 
FIX - Callback calls cannot be hungup when another call is on a device with fader lock
FIX - Drag and drop from call point or message text causes adjacent item to selected and raises Visual3D error in log file
FIX - Client defaults to hand/headset as default device rather than configured default
FIX - Zephyr codec dial pad has bottom row off buttons cut off
FIX - Group name visible in codec dial pad title
FIX - Hangup All not working if the client only has a softphone device and no others
FIX - Print button lost from OAQ toobar
FIX - New internal message function stops working after editing of an email message
FIX - VD MediaPlayer transcription: Deleting a word results in a CTD
FIX - F3 keyboard shortcut should not work in screener view
FIX - Keyboard shortcut for gender selection in screener view reversed
FIX - Dial pad F2 shortcut triggered even when Shift or Ctrl is held
FIX - OAQ-Callitem: Ability to transfer blocked softphone call from one client to another
FIX - Closing the client whilst in docked mode causes area of window to be unusable
FIX - Glaze when changing views is on the wrong screen

PhoneBOX (General) (STABLE/FOX)

Changes since:

NEW - Allow Mayah codec to function in SIP mode
NEW - Comrex codec read sip username and set as logged in user for idle text display
NEW - Server ini file option to override default worker thread counts

FIX - Transferring calls from audio server devices can result in failed transfer
FIX - Audioserver devices reporting offline when multiple connections overlap
FIX - Case sensitivity issue when using Audio Server MachineName override
FIX - SIP CANCEL can run during call setup leaving problems behind
FIX - Change Mayah codec message processing to be more thread efficient
FIX - Log local UDP port used for level information sent to clients
FIX - Backup server offline can cause delay to OAQ updates at end of call
FIX - Improvements to Skype reliability when accounts have problems logging in
FIX - Unable to make outbound calls with audio server devices
FIX - Provider OPTIONS pings not working when services use different local port to the main system port
FIX - Transfer operation not locked from overlapping requests as per Unpark and Answer
FIX - Make SIP device/handset hangup routine return success/fail and route call operation code accordingly
FIX - Repeated websocket errors in server log
FIX - Skype media server connection status causing startup service logins not to happen
FIX - SIP Prack message not compliant with some providers
FIX - Improve Skype handling of failed call setup scenarios in Lines mode
FIX - Improvements to Handset to prevent failed calls getting stuck and then causing answering of inbound calls to fail
FIX - Optimise Mayah codec thread usage
FIX - Notify extensions can stop ringing if calls drop during setup of ringing
FIX - Directory person lookup not including the second phone number field
FIX - Keepalives and telco messages stop being processed by the server
FIX - Crash inside SkypeImage Finalizer
FIX - Optimise Skype Avatar image handling to improve RAM usage when there are large number of contacts and accounts
FIX - A single Skype Channel failure marks all devices on that server as off line
FIX - Server loading MOH config several times on startup
FIX - Problems calling Skype For Business search result that is not a contact
FIX - Skype Codec stuck call after failed dial

Monday, 3 August 2020

Virtual Director (STABLE/FOX)

Changes since:

NEW - Update referenced interop created against most recent DecklinkAPI.dll
FIX - Switch masking bug preventing switching when config is updated.
FIX - Only perform Eagle to Fox conversion when the version history indicates that an install from 2.9 to 2.10.
FIX - Branding asset page does not update when asset updated.
FIX - Unable to save order of precedence for Ember+ triggers

Tuesday, 21 July 2020

Virtual Director (STABLE/FOX)

Changes since:

NEW - Enhance switching algorithm to deal with motorised PTZ
NEW - Add way of identifying system to alert emails
NEW - Add ATEM Firmware 8.1 support
NEW - Change database update/insert mechanism to use a queue for stability
NEW - Cache GlobalSettings & Base64Images
NEW - Default branding cannot be renamed. Required assets cannot be renamed,
NEW - Add ViewOrder UI field in web manager to set the view order of microphones.
NEW - Add .TS type to encoding preset formats
NEW - Change description of Encoding Settings dropdown
NEW - Change description of Live Stream titles

FIX - Coming out of mute no does not return the last selected shot.
FIX - Copy of config does not update parameter field of Triggers with new Mic/Camera value
FIX - Oasis Server show view doesn't filter shows according to that server.
FIX - Web Manager Video Filter default is set to 1339 minutes to instead of 1439 (I minute short of a day)
FIX - Excessive processing time for UpdateState messages in switcher processing queue.
FIX - HE-38/40/130 and HE-60 camera types need UI PTZ offset in web manager.
FIX - Setting a Panasonic PTZ greater than 9 results in incorrect URL
FIX - Copying a show config should include the new PTZ masking fields
FIX - PTZ masking should hang onto current camera during mask if possible
FIX - Remove black border around camera select button.
FIX - Switcher online state not set when reconnecting to server after server shutdown.
FIX - Use cached values in switcher manager to match triggers to switcher via studio config
FIX - Generic Live Stream Settings missing from web manager
FIX - Purging of videos whilst caching causes miscalculation of videos to be cached to error.
FIX - Video Recording Purge is leaving "recording.json" file behind causing folder to not be deleted.
FIX - Reduce amount of db reads to PublishQueue collection when processing queues.
FIX - Fix recording cache build.
FIX - Cache Switcher and Streamers to reduce db reads.
FIX - Video Recording Cache is broken when moving from Eagle To Fox
FIX - Backup of lite db core and config db gets written to same filename.
FIX - Clicking to configure a studio config results in 500 server error. Option removed (See notes)
FIX - Changing an asset's name no longer works
FIX - MultiTrack Clip items are not written in time order.
FIX - Add additional check to prevent more than 1 hour of stills being created.
FIX - Null reference in playout track or artist name  or carousel causes graphic generator to fail.
FIX - Off Air publish queue items are not automatically cleared when on air triggered
FIX - Recording state on home screen filter for streamer id not working.
FIX - Live Stream Pop Up needs to close after starting and stopping to show stream feedback.
FIX - Add validation for UDP Trigger Selected source
FIX - SMS On/Off air graphic overlays not working.
FIX - LiveStream window closes when trying to set up live stream.
FIX - Switcher does not need to send entire status in Status Changed message. Message length exceeds 4096 bytes when lots of shows and stations are configured causing error in PB3.
FIX - Audio/Video matrix  tick boxes broken
FIX - Webmanager saves transcription language as en-gb rather than en-GB resulting in transcription error
FIX - Saving the show config with Language set to English GB sets value "en-gb" rather than "en-GB" causing transcription to fail.
FIX - ChangeShow trigger not working.
FIX - Manual pick of eagle fixes #173128344, #173128361
FIX - Import of show fails if there is no branding called "Default" fall back to first found branding if not found.
FIX - Ember+ Double reconnect bug.
FIX - Allow web manager video preview size to be overidden in ini file
FIX - Source Id for GPIO Triggers is not set when creating a trigger.
FIX - Set default image preview size to 720x405 (16:9)
FIX - Streamer Service does not stop cleanly
FIX - Protect against mic/camera map errors when cloning studio config.
FIX - Ember+ Triggers do not take into account source id
FIX - Transcription API call broken when OnDemand is set.
FIX - Deleted videos are not removed from the cache during purge.
FIX - Occasional empty recording folders left behind during purge.
FIX - Final Cut Pro xml not working
FIX - Disc space check fails when using a UNC path
FIX - Show list needs a scrollbar when it gets big
FIX - Post process file path null
FIX - vMix Recording Concat error
FIX - vMix recording file allocation error
FIX - Allocation of vMix Multicord file errors
FIX - Copying a studio config should refresh the list so its action is immediately obvious
FIX - Click Assign all Stations and Shows should refresh the list so its action is immediately obvious
FIX - Device Layouts not being pulled in from PhoneBOX
FIX - Initial license request doesn't work
FIX - Reported live streamer bit rate is incorrect
FIX - Multi Track files being deleted
FIX - Strictly Queue Switcher Commands
FIX - Recordings did not stop when disk space reached
FIX - UDP sources list should refresh to immediately show added item
FIX - PhoneBox client thinks video is transcribed when it isnt
FIX - Transferred temp files are not deleted.
FIX - Purge failing to delete folder.
FIX - Only send Tally Off to camera with focus on change and log duration of http gets to cameras.
FIX - When live stream clients are disconnected the video dequeue event listener isnt unhooked.
FIX - VideoRecording files are being incorrectly indexed