Wednesday 12 August 2009

Element version

UK Customisations:

NEW: Selectable feature to cancel preview on release of Talk key on non mic channel. Will only cancel preview if preview was not active prior to the Talk key being pressed.

NEW: Profile selection and PGM bus control is now available in the Console Control web interface

NEW: Selectable metering including PPM from the console or web interface.

NEW:  Control of individual headphone sources from the main console, including monitor source selection and level control. This allows individual headphone feeds without the need for headphone accessory panels.

NEW: Capture the current Show Profile is now possible from the console. PINs for each profile are set in the Console Capture web interface. If the correct PIN is entered the modified profile will overwrite the existing one of the same name.

NEW: Selectable feature for split preview to speakers when split preview headphones is active. Requires special Vmix and Vmode configuration in the Engine.

NEW: OBIT indicator to which optionally replaces DELAY indicator

NEW: On air service indicators, controllable from Pathfinder, allow up to 5 service names to be displayed when the studio is on air.

NEW: PHONE indicator can be controlled from a GPI, it can be steady or flashing indication.

NEW: Default PGM assignments can be set in the web interface. These will be applied when a source is assigned to an unused channel.

NEW: Settings to allow LWCP connection from Element to Engine for Vmix control.

NEW: Record Mode – sources to always include and exclude from Record Mode, and the source to monitor, can be set in the web configuration. These override the channel specific Record Mode settings. This now allows one touch activation for off air recording and will ensure callers get the correct back feed.

NEW: Back time calculator using numeric keypad added to Timer Options

FIX: Removed custom fader open / close LWCP messages as they are now natively supported in core software.

FIX: It is now possible to latch Talk key with the automatic preview when Talk key pressed feature enabled.

FIX: Auto DST for UK now switches correctly.

FIX: Internal changes to make storage of custom settings more efficient.

Standard Core Enhancements:

NEW: Multi-Standard meters

NEW: Support for Record/Phone on extra meters.

NEW: Preview pre/after fader (solo feature).

NEW: Allow to activate extra meter screen with Combo module by pushing Monitor2 knob while holding Monitor Options key.

NEW: Additional meter options on Combo module's Monitor Options 2 page.

NEW: New LWCP support: GET LwCH#xx ON_State, Asg_PGMx

NEW: Support for rotary knobs on fader channels

NEW: Soft gain knob in channel options, can control pre amp or internal channel gain.

NEW: Hardware Pre-Amp gain change from console (in nodes, using LWRP protocol)

NEW: Add [Save] buttons to the top of Source and Show::Channel profile pages

FIX: Restore meter parameters after engine restart, correctly capture meter parameters