Wednesday 20 February 2013


NEW - Rewrite of database task processor to increase throughput, use bulk inserts where possible and transaction batching

NEW - Add function to block identities or identity text for 24 hours or forever

NEW - Implement show-level quick queue filter and results clear.  Can be overridden with system setting CLEAR_QQ_RESULTS (values = Y or N).

NEW - Add 'readonly' flag to accounts to prevent posting and replying from them in PB4

FIX - Shutdown sequence to close off identity processor without errors and close off purge task

FIX - Followee purge issues

FIX - Issues with Twitter search engine

FIX - Twitter DM's creating erroneous duplicate identity records due to external ID's being stored with 1 d.p

FIX - Keep alive mechanism for primary and secondary OASIS connections from client

FIX - Remove unnecessary fields from serialized messages sent between client and server to reduce bandwidth usage

FIX - Better use of parallel processing to reduce CPU hit from OASIS server

FIX - Unnecessary reprocessing of followees

NB. this release must be run in conjunction with a manually run SQL DB update.