Wednesday 20 February 2013

PhoneBOX 4 (Client)

NEW - Call recordings now available in call log

NEW - Block function implemented for OASIS message senders and message text

NEW - Filtering panel added to call log and message log

NEW - Display retweet information in message status line

NEW - Notes now persist for 'On Air' messages

NEW - Change 'Delete' button on 'On Air' button set to 'Remove'

NEW - Quick queue 'clear' button now clears results as well as filter terms.  This can be reset using an OASIS system setting CLEAR_QQ_RESULTS (Y/N).

NEW - Don't allow reply/respond/new post for OASIS accounts marked as 'read only'

FIX - Fuzzy/blurry text on expanded items

FIX - Keep alive mechanism to OASIS

FIX - Adding directory entry causing crash when no directory has been created in web manager

FIX - Don't show "On Air" as an option for call log items

FIX - First time installations should create the [oasis] address=* ini file entry