Sunday 3 March 2013


NEW - Remodel account follower tracking to be less CPU intensive and to target identities that message the shows

NEW - Build target reach and send functionality to support 'send' feature on the client

NEW - Stations can now be linked to shows via OASIS admin utility

NEW - Implement Twitter 1.1 friendship\lookup call to determine relationship between an account user and regular users (mostly to serve the 'Send' feature)

NEW - Add system setting to control how many messages are cached per show/feed type on the server.  Default is 20, system setting name is SHOW_FEED_SIZE_SERVER.

NEW - Add system setting to ensure heavy load situations can be handled with controlled discard of messages on a per-account basis (mentions feed only).  Setting name is MAX_ACCOUNTMESSAGES_PER_SECOND, default value is 999 - but realistically this should be set to 10 or below if sustained periods of heavy volume are expected.

NEW - Introduce optimised / bulk message edits

FIX - When different shows have the same accounts ensure only one of the show identity processors handles an account (the first one that loads)

FIX - Deadlocks occurring, solved by bulk transactions and avoiding clashes of potential deadlocking DB action types

FIX - Tone down logging at normal level

FIX - CPU hit too great / memory leak with analytic images and other internal arrays

FIX - HTML Email messages causing serialization errors