Sunday 3 March 2013

PhoneBOX 4 (Client)

NEW - Sorting & filtering added to call log, message log and directory

NEW - Client ini file option added to be able to save call recordings as WAV and not PCM ([callrecordings] saveaswav can be 0 or 1)

NEW - Send feature on messages menu now fixed / completed

NEW - Devices become active when clicking the slide-out icon

FIX - Hanging up a call with call details open leaves call header details with device colour and not grey / call log colour

FIX - Clicking on a live call in call log to close it can leave button bar in an incorrect state

FIX - Message queue type selection buttons toggling incorrectly

FIX - Text box height tweaks on quick & smart dialogs

FIX - On Air icon colours (yellow / red) changed to fit PB4 palette and be more readable

FIX - Floating / incorrect visual appearance on handset slideout

FIX - Various crash bugs including line timer, log instance dropping too early and array resize