Tuesday 11 June 2013


NEW - Changes to support identity summaries in PB4 client

NEW - Separate followee messages in database to new table (performance related)

NEW - Scheduled new status feature

NEW - Retweet handling.  For the main mentions feed, retweets beyond the first MAX_RETWEETS (system setting) will not be imported, instead the count of retweets will be incremented and clients updated accordingly

NEW - Profanity modes.  This is set by system setting FILTER_MODE.  When set to 0, the default (existing) behaviour will happen, i.e. messages will not be imported at all.  When set to 1, profanities (as defined in FILTER_KEYWORDS system setting) will be imported and starred out bar first character

NEW - Facebook July 2013 breaking changes support (more information here http://developers.facebook.com/roadmap/)

NEW - Add CPU usage monitoring to log and resource usage warning email feature (use system setting EMAIL_RESOURCE_WARNING for this)

FIX - Memory footprint drastically reduced

FIX - Analytics most followed query timing out on large volume databases

FIX - Intermittent feed trim errors in server log

FIX - Rate limit issues with control and reset times not being converted properly from UTC to local time

FIX - Facebook access tokens were being issued short lived

*** NOTE ***
1. This version applies SQL scripts which might take a long time to run, dependent upon data volume and SQL version.  In case of SQL timeout, please contact Broadcast Bionics support.
2. Taking this version requires PhoneBOX 4 version