Tuesday 11 June 2013

PhoneBOX 4 (Client)

NEW - Place lines into callback mode for locked calls which are hung up remotely

NEW - Create new 3 column view

NEW - Scheduled status updates feature added

NEW - View picker & switching process works far quicker and without any memory leak

NEW - Retweet handling (see corresponding change in OASIS

NEW - On Air preview and reading pane visual changes

NEW - Replace mini mode "On Air" button with "Close" button

NEW - Regulate checkboxes and radio buttons on startup dialogs and popups

NEW - Red visual added to indicate when a call on a line is on air or has been on air

NEW - Change formatting for number of previous contacts

NEW - Allow default and alternate views (requires PB3 version or higher and must be configured in web manager therein)

NEW - Add ability to create on air items from call log entries (the point is used as the text).  These can be previewed and 'read' as per messages in the on air queue.

NEW - Hide devices section if there are no on-air devices available

NEW - Clicking on a list button will take the list to the top from wherever it is (e.g. ALL, SMART, QUICK1 etc.)

NEW - % Cpu and private memory utilization stats written to log file each minute

FIX - Memory leak when changing views

FIX - Fader lock not working properly

FIX - Various log items showing black text and images at the wrong time

FIX - Message comments had been causing duplicate comment addition and erroneous message ordering

FIX - Call log text not wrapping correctly on Windows 8

FIX - Pop out call details not switching properly when initiated from a line

FIX - When nothing is selected on on-air viewer, previously selected item (if removed) is shown when clicking preview

FIX - List items repop after clicking to unpop on Windows 8 touch

FIX - After using and closing log filter, the area reserved for the filter is either not clickable or holds a blank space

FIX - Scroll annoyance when using search

FIX - Windows XP specific WPF issues

*** NOTE ***
1. Taking this version requires OASIS version or higher