Monday 2 September 2013


NEW - Ensure skype calls create call log entries

NEW - Add capability to send skype contact requests

NEW - Limit number of prizes displayed on client

NEW - Add ability to delete prizes from inventory

NEW - Add ability to list winners of a particular prize

NEW - Glensound HD codec implementation

NEW - Mayah codec implementation (2 ISDN numbers)

NEW - Send route labels on reconnection of external interface device (routing control)

NEW - Add config sync option in web manager

NEW - Add replication for new calls database tables

NEW - Add codec directory support for PB4

FIX - Implement queue mechanism for server processing of client messages, fixes client routing control loss and SIP operations causing server message processing blockage

FIX - Key SQL replication trigger script fix

FIX - Inbound CLI lookup changes

FIX - Legacy protocol point not being sent

FIX - Logging improvements and various minor bug fixes