Monday 2 September 2013

PhoneBOX 4 (Client)

NEW - New views added for regular and routing control modes

NEW - Manual message creation (internal notes)

NEW - Add call button to SMS view

NEW - Add shortcut key to switch between devices (ALT+N)

NEW - Twitter lists added (requires OASIS update, see release notes)

NEW - Add Q1 / Q2 links in hashtag keyword preview

NEW - Add codec directories

NEW - Skin picking mechanism changes

NEW - Implement not available visual on devices

NEW - Simplify startup messages on splash screen

NEW - Rearrange destinations in routing control view

NEW - Mechanism added to trigger 'add contact' request for a skype user

FIX - Numerous routing control and codec control fixes

FIX - Splash screen comes up quicker on client disconnect and show change

FIX - Truncate line labels and view labels

FIX - Tap to close slide outs on codecs, destinations, lines and devices

FIX - Fix installer prompt for OASIS primary & backup server

FIX - Log entry fixes + numerous minor bug fixes