Wednesday 4 June 2014

PhoneBOX 4 (Client)

NEW - Improvements to topics management and UI entry (rename 'topic' to 'tag' in UI)

NEW - Enable editing of SMS, Facebook and Twitter messages

NEW - Pronto codec integration

NEW - Client will now show zero signal strength solidly only when no OASIS connection is present

FIX - Caller alert notes not saved by client

FIX - Memory growth issues on view change being caused by many different operations within the app

FIX - Call updates not propagating across clients for outbound calls

FIX - Up/down key press issue in startup selection dialogs

FIX - On air button had disappeared from parked calls

FIX - Retweet text now displays properly having broken in the first email editor build

FIX - Stacked message view unable to view profile

FIX - Dragged lines reject next touch action (touch screen only)

FIX - On entering app, the first click brings up the dial pad (touch screen only)