Friday 10 October 2014


NEW - OASIS installer allows OASIS admin only installation

NEW - Add generic now playing interface type

NEW - Allow clearing of now playing information

NEW - Accept Mirage requests to clear publish queue items

NEW - Tweaks to the appearance of routed message emails

FIX - Various Facebook mangement fixes
  > High volumes of FB messages causing processing bottleneck
  > Facebook access tokens issues
  > Add logging when refreshing page tokens
  > Comment updates to client not including the last comment
  > Facebook comments not ordered properly

FIX - Various Email ingest issues
  > Account name missing from POP email retrieval logging
  > Messages not being imported due to email recipient / user ID comparison issue

FIX - Various smart music / now playing fixes
  > Make playout reader use UTF8 and not ASCII
  > Improvements to the smart music interfaces

FIX - Various Music Brainz fixes
  > Use HTTPS
  > Unknown artists being added to DB

FIX - Reduce / rationalise SQL disk reads/writes

FIX - Internal / manual notes are appearing in shows other than the creating show

FIX - Spurious tree view items appearing in OASIS admin

FIX - Poll manager error on client connection

FIX - Collection modified error when sending messages to clients

FIX - OASIS admin accounts security browser not big enough in some situations

FIX - Popularity monitor saturating FB API request limit, changed to run every 30 minutes

FIX - Show activation flag not being sent correctly to Mirage

FIX - Inactive accounts are being sent to the client

FIX - Log SQL statements when errors happen in batch operations

FIX - Occasional SQL error writing long noise words