Friday 10 October 2014


NEW - Virtual director control added

NEW - Add parameter to disable dual line / stereo calls

NEW - On air queue export to web manager

NEW - External interface to virtual director REST API (for camera switching)

FIX - Various Mayah codec control improvements
  > Listener changed to be multi-threaded
  > Line check added
  > Framing times improved

FIX - Web manager audio IO doesn't reconnect to Pathfinder and fails

FIX - Router refresh code improved

FIX - Quick upgrade process of installer fixed

FIX - Add drop of reverse route when replacing route on existing destination

FIX - Tables missing from sync SP causing invalid results

FIX - Skype codecs no longer send device available unless necessary

FIX - Topic manager null reference exception

FIX - On air queue changes not sending media URL to Mirage