Thursday 19 February 2015


NEW - Stats changes and improvements

NEW - Server changes to support High Visibility Mode and VIP lines

NEW - Changes to support HX6

NEW - Auto add new machines to config DB

NEW - Auto add VSET entries when new VSETS attempt connection

NEW - Changes to support configurable show questions in PB4

FIX - Chat replication trigger bugs

FIX - SQL replication SP optimisations

FIX - Inbound codec call log entries showing in all shows

FIX - COMREX coedc incoming call issues

FIX - Mayah C1 control - stability issues

FIX - Change to element switcher class to prevent continuous exception errors

FIX - Prevent commands being sent to backup pathfinder when primary is active

FIX - Stats filter between same dates displays no results

FIX - Alter pathfinder keep-alive tolerance

FIX - Call back from the default dial service, not from the same line the callback call is on

FIX - Need to increase strip number prefix length

FIX - Config push from Primary to secondary fails if line mapping is used