Thursday 19 February 2015

PhoneBOX 4 (Client)

NEW - Add configurable show questions 

NEW - Service VIP lines

NEW - Add high visibility mode

NEW - Add call details printing and print preview function to call details and call log respectively

NEW - Add codec selection to dial pad for telephony calls

NEW - Enable VX codec in client 

NEW - Call screener view redesign

NEW - Add function keys (refer to user documentation for full details)

NEW - Add alert icon and alert notes to the top of the history window

FIX - Change skin chooser to name, look and resolve clicking issues with selection

FIX - Client updates leaving multiple entries for PB4 client in the installed program list

FIX - Call log items building up in clients

FIX - Call log trimming issues

FIX - Prevent any answering of calls with unknown direction

FIX - Memory leak related to call log and call recordings

FIX - Improve efficiency of call log filter

FIX - Memory leaks on view-instantiated view models

FIX - Situation can occur where there are stuck calls on devices

FIX - Call details update fixes including cursor jumping

FIX - Updating point erases topic from line

FIX - On air queue live call item updates were causing issues

FIX - Prize winner popup could not be closed

FIX - Directory cascading error problem

FIX - Dump mode not working properly

FIX - UI delay when performing call control operations with call details open

FIX - Call alerts box left floating when call details is closed

FIX - Routing mode > call on destinations on different layouts should appear grey

FIX - Held lines sometimes appear grey

FIX - Handsets not selecting properly when other devices are read only

FIX - Manually changing state from unanswered to another state was not sticking

FIX - Mechanism to prevent two copies of client running on the same machine had flaws

FIX - Handset is disabled in presenter view

FIX - Using CTRL + click to drop multiple calls should not observe the repeated click debounce logic

FIX - Call backs happening from default dial service, not the line the callback call was on

FIX - Call state changes can cause client crashes

FIX - Audio server recording are being signalled but not reflecting reliably on the client

FIX - Dragging codec to destinations does not have a drag cursor

FIX - OAQ profile pictures are lost when changing order using drag and drop

FIX - Accidentally dragging from details area of on air queue disabled next drag and drop from icon area

FIX - Fast clicking causes involuntary dragging of lines

FIX - Adding a child/reply message to the on air queue causes the expanded main message to close

FIX - Presenter view now has sensible device sizes

FIX - Posting a tweet with an image attached now reduces the available characters from 140 to 117

FIX - Extra logging added for device commands