Wednesday 28 October 2015


FIX - Implement 'Zetta' now playing interface

FIX - Add index to tblMessage for improved performance of SQL queries

FIX - Prevent certain analytic queries / timer quick searches running for shows with no active clients

FIX - YouTube fatal when youtube account is saved without tokents

FIX - OASIS installer doesn't stop exporter or restart after upgrade

FIX - Now playing connection fails when first setup

FIX - Being able to assign a show before saving a record causes an orphaned record to be created (OASIS admin)

FIX - Searching for an artist returns errors

FIX - MMS issues
    . sender number not translated to local format
    . set a flag when no attachment is present
    . server certificate validation check not present on server calls (only ingest)

FIX - logging improvement for twitter search