Wednesday 28 October 2015

PhoneBOX 4 (Client)

NEW - Enhancements to screened/next behaviour (requires new server device layout setting in

NEW - Selected device now shows with a yellow/orange flashing bar at the top for better visibility (requires new server device layout setting in

NEW - Docked devices uses codec light-up method when dialling from directory

FIX - Click-to-call starts a drag operation on lines

FIX - Local softphone recordings not working due to folder creation issue

FIX - Improvements to MMS display

FIX - Optimisations to audio routing messging

FIX - Don't allow faded-up destinations to have calls routed to it

FIX - Remove unnecessary sends of OAQ to server on call drops for calls not in OAQ

FIX - Calls marked as callback are not cleared from conf TBU (IPO only)

FIX - PM2 related:
        . Problems closing prize dialog
        . Add prizes from client to PM2 / Prize validation
        . Contest winner form now allows updates of existing records
        . Memory leak in prize/contest/winner forms

FIX - CTD fixes:
        . when attempting to call blank number from call log
        . on client reconnection to restarted server (intermittent)