Tuesday 17 January 2017


*** Requires version PhoneBOX 4 (Client)

NEW - Allow handsets associated with services to ring when the service rings

NEW - Upgrade PB3 and web manager to .Net 4.5.2, remove audio server 1 from installer, remove .Net 2.0 common components

NEW - Add external interface to send device information to forthcoming multi object recording solution MOR>

NEW - Add stereo split option to audio server 2 device channel config

NEW - Split address field for live searching and only search on top line of address

NEW - Onair state change for contest and liners in on air queue

NEW - Add config options for Ctrl, Alt or Shift + click operations on lines (at the bottom of the System page in the web manager)

NEW - Changes and improvements to path finder core code for audio routing

NEW - Liner and contest changes for PM2

NEW - Add device layout settings to optionally hide the message queue in PB4 and also hide the point (blurred out in PB4)

NEW - Add new views (devices only, on air presenter view simple)

NEW - Changes to support call search parameter changes (number search now possible in PB4 client)

NEW - Allow clients to query the audio servers and associated extensions

  • virtual director putting wrong guid value into links table (show guid field)
  • server process remains running after closedown
  • issues answering ringing calls to tbu
  • server was showing as2 devices even when not licensesd