Tuesday 17 January 2017

PhoneBOX 4 (Client)

*** Requires version of PB3 server

NEW - Contest / liners fixes:
  • to handle carriage returns
  • contests & onair viewer only shows the first prize
  • respect onairqueue states
  • 3 hour window
  • liner read operation adds to onair queue with pop
  • make won contests clearer
NEW - Views / UI
  • create new "onair presenter simple" view
  • create new "devices only" view
  • implement single column of lines on "3 column" and "self of 3:4" view when <= 4 lines present on a page
  • new chat messages will indicate with flashing and show received time
  • edited social media messages will be indicated with a pencil icon
  • three column details view now has correct contests tab
  • hide message queue from views based on device layout settings
  • hide point from views based on device layout setting with manual override in lines control
  • search screen visual improvements to opacity/size/layout/date selection
  • in high vis mode make route info text on codec white
  • allow pasting of numbers into call details number fields with non alpha/numeric character strip
  • smart message search ui improvements
  • clicking enter will kick off smart and call/message search operations
  • dial pad improvements
NEW - Add search by number to call search screen

NEW - Add ability to create a new person from person search results popup

NEW - Improve Virtual Director link loading speed

NEW - Add line click options based on server config (Ctrl, Alt or Shift + clicking lines can perform various actions - configure via the SYSTEM page in web manager), these apply to lines and OAQ active calls

NEW - Move cursor and focus to the end of the call details point field if there is a point (if there is no point then the end of the name)

NEW - Changes to accomodate server work to use .Net 4.5.2 and remove old AS1 and common components

NEW - Move smart queue lookup from UI thread

NEW - Make call rating visible in call log

NEW - Hanging up all calls now exclude inactive callback calls

NEW - Allow calls to be made from on air queue inactive call items from the onair queue one-click/buttonless view

NEW - Fix visual for closed lines not to override callback or active call line numbers

NEW - Allow setting callback flag on ringing calls


  • pb4 fatal on contest refresh
  • no gap between items in contests tab
  • sizing of live camera view for high res camera
  • vd camera model interprets zero as meaning no ptz set, now -1
  • view change issues
  • text width wrapping issue on liners text in oaq viewer
  • blurry text on on air viewer
  • popped contest closes when auto refresh occurs
  • webcam errors
  • sorting call log by conversation number is now numeric
  • enabling filters in logs now places cursor into the free text search box
  • record button / flagged icon missing from handset devices and dockable view
  • text truncated on reading pane
  • search screen bugs
  • screenshot for new views not correct in skin picker
  • call recordings made on devices not in client layout were not downloadable
  • problems with person record selection from person search from manually added call
  • prevent popups being clipped at the top of the main window
  • make questions auto-select a type
  • manually added calls need to auto-pop
  • various fatal errors