Wednesday 13 September 2017


Changes since: OASIS

NEW - Add ability to tag messages
NEW - Add new delimiters to now playing artists
NEW - Add accountname to FB wall reader exception log entries
NEW - Support extended tweet text in retweets
NEW - Add PhoneBoxShow and Station Ids to PlayoutExporter.

FIX - OASIS.Common.dll has the wrong version number in build outputs
FIX - Prevent serialisation of PageInfo property in Show object
FIX - OASIS still initialises accounts that are disabled but assigned to a show
FIX - Partially configured account causes all message processing to fail
FIX - Sql query for person lookup on start has invalid syntax
FIX - Popularity monitor error converting JSONObject to int
FIX - NexGen rename
FIX - Nexgen doesn't escape sensitive characters
FIX - Generic playout type value sometimes not saving
FIX - Oasis Admin crashes (and won't restart) if you create a Facebookaccount