Wednesday 13 September 2017

PhoneBOX 4 Client (STABLE)

Changes since: PhoneBOX 4 Client

NEW - Add message tagging
NEW - Added Skype handset support with unified handset device for both telco and skype calls.
NEW - Add support for Virtual Director show awareness
NEW - PM2 - ability to assign ad hoc prizes  (requires VD 1.6.*)
NEW - Contest with draws rework
NEW - Add Read only directory UI
NEW - Add ability to call using Phone Number 2 from the call log
NEW - Add ability to filter call log to only show calls that have been on air
NEW - Switch call details to outgoing calls if popped
NEW - Add skype name to call screener handset / 3 column call details views call details area
NEW - Add postal address to Call Screener view
NEW - Add ability to drag call from device to the on-air queue
NEW - Allow publishing from the on-air queue and the reading pane
NEW - Add new presenter view
NEW - Implement pop up text when hovering over messages
NEW - Implement popped call log on devices only presenter views
NEW - Implement client idle timeout
FIX - Sticking callback/flagged state
FIX - Fix call details focus behaviour for three column call details view
FIX - Call log should show as default in 3 col call details view
FIX - Warning notes not updated when editing call log entry
FIX - contest winner bugs and memory leak
FIX - Off-air device (non-VOIP) prevents client from loading
FIX - Prevent the **** filter used to protect SMS numbers from also applying to names
FIX - CTD when using OAQ
FIX - On-Air-Queue Preview section appears incorrectly
FIX - On-Air-Queue Remove button doesn't remove selected items in queue
FIX - Call button for SMS message in On Air Queue not working
FIX - Click to call function SkypeTx doesn't function as expected *Devices only Views*
FIX - View *Docked Devices* Call log doesn't function (empty)
FIX - Prevent logging skype active call messages every 250ms or so
FIX - New Skype contact not displayed after adding
FIX - Prevent ability to add active SkypeTx calls into telco TBU by drag drop
FIX - SkypeTx Handset Able to pickup two calls
FIX - Telco fast clicking between lines can cause two active handset calls
FIX - SkypeTx TBU's swiching calls between them occasionally stops audio for that call
FIX - Docked devices bottom and full screen view issues
FIX - Poppable call log point doesn't grow as you resize the window
FIX - Poppable call log is empty the second time it's popped
FIX - Buttons on the RHS of the popped call log need tidying up
FIX - Message pop up should have a few pixels gap on RHS
FIX - Impossible to select a State in the popped call log filter
FIX - Toolbar button widths not uniform on devices only views
FIX - Inconsistent button widths and heights in toolbars
FIX - Presenter Devices view - remove non-functional call details button from OAQ
FIX - Ensure on air reading pane has no wasted space on presenter devices view
FIX - Presenter devices view - selecting an OAQ call (active or inactive) causes text to appear over previous message in reading pane
FIX - Clicking on Directory Causes CTD
FIX - Presenter Devices view - reading pane empty on startup
FIX - Reading pane does not expand to fit all available space
FIX - Directory search does not return 'other numbers'
FIX - Dump mode remains on line as remnant
FIX - Skype contact with pending request shows as online
FIX - No Handset appears if no Telco services are included in the device layout
FIX - Client presents multiple handset device IO prompts at startup if two or more off air devices are configured
FIX - Ensure line click events are only triggered by left click
FIX - Lines/Devices not showing the correct call colour
FIX - Manually adding new call in Screener view does not change details focus
FIX - When "Devices Only" view is set as client alternate view, toggling of the view fails. It remains stuck in "Devices Only".
FIX - Recording icon in call log gets overwritten