Wednesday 13 September 2017

PhoneBOX (General)

Changes since: PhoneBOX (General)

NEW - Ability to assign ad hoc prizes
NEW - Include Skype tables in cleardown script used in 'copy to secondary' process
NEW - Implement "sticky point"
NEW - Add option to make directories read-only
NEW - Automated REST API documentation generation
NEW - Add support for SkypeTx remote audio devices and associated control methods
NEW - Add device layout and device REST controllers to support on air app device view
NEW - Add general on air presenter devices view to web manager and client settings enumeration
NEW - Implement fixed seat licenses

FIX - Ensure TCP/UDP protocol values used in SIP messages are all upper case
FIX - database replication not working correctly on inserted records that need to pass from one slave to another
FIX - Server doesn't close active calls on SkypeTx when the PB3 server is restarted
FIX - Contest winner bug
FIX - Calling back a call marked as Flagged should mark new call as Ready
FIX - Incoming Skype Codec call creates blank entry in person table
FIX - Restarting PB server sometimes results in no audio from SkypeTx
FIX - Remove handset device type from Skype devices configuration
FIX - Error when adding skype service in web manager
FIX - Incoming Skype Codec call creates blank entry in person table
FIX - PhoneBox3 Installer not running not running netsh commands for REST API + fix port at 22305
FIX - REST API not running when api access level set to 0 - meaning internal methods are not working with skype handset calls
FIX - Occasionally after a restart the level meters aren't showing and audio isn't flowing to the soundcard output (possibly input not working) - no errors showing
FIX - SkypeTxControl not raising ConnectionStateChanged after first connection.