Tuesday 31 October 2017

PhoneBOX 4 Client

Changes since: PhoneBOX 4 Client

NEW - Add the ability to display double digit TBU labels
NEW - Liner hold read button for custom read
NEW - Alter colour of listen only destination in routing view
NEW - Add display point functionality to call details

FIX - IP500-flavour handset behaviour issues
FIX - Exception during handset operation prior to crash without fatal
FIX - Click-to-call not working from calls in OAQ
FIX - Can't drag between devices in PB4 "Three Column - Call Details"view
FIX - PB4 losing focus when setting DOB for a call
FIX - Cursor jumping to start of field when entering details
FIX - Printing no longer possible after switching to docked mode
FIX - Callback doesn't work on handset for telco calls
FIX - Camera order ID is is not respected
FIX - Add person search to Call Screener type views
FIX - Tags with Arabic text do not display content in filter
FIX - Point not updating for a manually added call
FIX - Scheduled liner doesn't appear in offset if it's liner start date is greater than today
FIX - Prizes not listed under draw > pick winner
FIX - Printing no longer possible after switching to docked mode
FIX - Pressing escape in VD camera preview causes parent window to close
FIX - Carousel items from other shows are displayed
FIX - Crash when adding item to the carousel
FIX - Unable to close the edit camera popup with the escape key
FIX - Virtual Director Split Button needs debouncing
FIX - Temporarily disable the SMS number masking
FIX - Force Virtual director carousel to clear on show changed
FIX - Private point setting is not honoured when new point is entered
FIX - Director button icon should be green when VD show matches
FIX - Camera config images out of step once show is changed.
FIX - Director button is incorrectly showing a yellow dot (usually indicates no stream being received) which is also inhibiting record buttons in VD window.
FIX - OAQ - Presenter On Air Devices & Presenter On Air Simple - Selection of Calls, Liners, Contests. Multiple issues.
FIX - Fix to Transcription In progress update bug
FIX - Duplicate messages in the ALL queue after startup
FIX - Alternate address not working for backup servers