Monday 26 February 2018

PhoneBOX 4 Client

Changes since: PhoneBOX 4 Client
NEW - Implement message pausing
NEW - Implement prize accumulators in contests
NEW - Populate point with message when calling back from an SMS
NEW - Display significant winner alert
NEW - Add gender indication to Device Only views
NEW - Add hotkey for "New Message"
NEW - Add ability to sort call log by gender
NEW - Add option to disable auto client update
NEW - Add ability to see prize winning history directly from a message
NEW - Add "Yesterday" option to call search
NEW - Add ability to drag call from TBU to the on air queue
NEW - Indicator on line when call is 'HD'
NEW - Make copyright date dynamic
NEW - Add Selfop view without clock and chat
NEW - Sdp rework changes to client
NEW - PrizeDrawEntryArg to contain prize name and contest name
NEW - Increase sending of twitter messages char limit to 280
NEW - Add log entry when the selected device is changed by the user
NEW - Build to incorporate new common components
FIX - Unable to tick checkboxes in Windows Classic Theme
FIX - Debounce rapid clicks on call buttons
FIX - Liner read count not incrementing from 0 until refresh
FIX - Call log person entry goes black once call is in progress
FIX - Calls that are set to be unblurred become unblurred due to other call activity
FIX - Instagram profile showing 0 followers
FIX - Don't park calls on right click, only left
FIX - VX voip softphone not releasing port after call drops
FIX - prize accumulator bug contest rework
FIX - draw picker issues, including FATAL when no prizes
FIX - Incoming chat text currently can't be selected for copy & paste
FIX - Alignment of mark-for-deletion checkbox