Thursday 18 October 2018

Prize Manager 2.0 (BETA)

NEW - All station mode
NEW - Can now group stations and assign prizes to a group of stations
NEW - Station group security
NEW - Now audit cash prizes and accumulators, deletes, restores and creation entries for contests and prizes
NEW - Dispatcher access can now edit winners but not assign
NEW - Can now add barcodes and serial numbers to prizes
NEW - Changed default filter for liners and contests lists
NEW - Ability to directly add a winner without scheduling their prize

FIX - Better improve UI for showing a large number of prizes
FIX - Logout and login
FIX - Show who entered stock
FIX - Draw verify
FIX - Dispatch ref now saved
FIX - Draws no longer allow accumulator contests
FIX - Liner creation allows related contest to be set